Are you craving coffee and tea…?

Caffhouse is the place for you. Caffhouse is a house of caffeine products. Our story begins with the intention to provide an exclusive platform of world’s most consumed drinks. One of its kind of online portal where you will find all kinds of tea and coffee products and Electric appliances of various brands around the world. An enormous variety of brands and countless products ready to pour into your cup. So, Grab your phone, hit on our website or install our App and order your products now.


We have more than 300 products from more than 30 companies from all over the world. We have large amount of supplier so that we can maintain our stock up to date. We have numerous verity and flavour to choose among. Our huge category of product enables you to find popular products which suits your taste.


Coffee Beans
Grounded Coffee
Coffee Capsules
Turkish Coffee
French Coffee
Arabic Coffee
Instant Coffee


Instant Tea
Herbal Tea
Green Tea
Karak Tea
Flavoured Tea
Tea Bags


Arabic Coffee Maker
Turkish Coffee Maker
Karak Tea Maker
Espresso Machines

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We understand that a quick and easy system is always the customer’s first choice. Our website and App’s design and structure enable you to quickly find your favourite products and make your order with easy steps from your home. Anybody anywhere can use our smart website and application and make an order with just a few clicks

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Visit our Website or install our app and Choose your desire products among the numerous categories. You can choose multiple products at the same time.

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After choosing the products, Add it to your cart. You can keep adding as many products as you want. and you can see what products you have in your cart.

Online Payment

After finalizing your order you can pay through our Fast and secure nad safe payment gateway with simple steps. We also have option of Cash on Delivery as well.

Get Delivery

Product will be dispatch and deliver at your doorsteps. We can deliver within an hour in Kuwait and for other countries, it will take only 1-3 working days.

Delivery Service

We have partnered with world leading Delivery services company to provide fast and secure delivery at your doorsteps so that you can enjoy our products anytime anywhere. Apart from middle east our products reached every corner of the world to satisfy your tongue. With just a few clicks you can get any of our product direct at your side

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Customer care

We interact with our valued customer to provide them with assurance and solve their issues. Maintaining the quality of service and relationship with the customer is the key to our customer care. We always ready to accept your feedback and advice to serve you better. May our services be the reason for your smile.